Judy Smith-Kressley graduated with a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, PA in 1982. She has lived in the Philadelphia area all her life and currently works from her studio in Wayne, PA. As a photographer, she cannot remember when she did not have a camera in her hand. Much of her self-taught knowledge of 35 mm photography was fine tuned at Moore to include black and white photography and darkroom work. She credits Swiss photographer, Liselotte Riva, for her use and understanding of Tungsten film and lights. Workshops with landscape photographer, Brent McCullough, enhanced Judy’s scope of the art of photography.

Judy uses a Nikon N90 with a 35 - 105 mm zoom lens for most of her 35 mm work in the studio. It also has the capacity to do macro shots which is great for capturing detail. She uses a Pentax 6 x 7 for the medium format transparencies. A custom lab in Philadelphia does the processing for the majority of her work.

Post graduate courses in color theory and textiles led Judy to quiltmaking in 1986. As a quilt artist, she caught the fever that has swept the art world. Professional documentation was always a priority in her own work. After her studio was completed in 1994, Judy began to offer her photography services to other fiber artists and painters. Commercial photographers often charge fees unaffordable to artists. Many are not interested in documenting art as well. Judy has many years of training and experience in both photographic reproduction and art direction. As an award winning fiber artist herself, Judy is uniquely qualified to deliver professional photographic services at affordable prices, so they, too, can present their art in the best possible light.

Lynn Lewis Young, editor, Art Quilt Magazine
Mary Lou Schwinn, editor, American Quilter’s Society Magazine
Eugenia Barnes, certified appraiser, American Quilter’s Society
Jo Diggs, fiber artist, Portland, Maine
Betsy Miraglia, paper artist, Radnor, Pennsylvania
Longina Rossi, art director/graphic designer, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania

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